Organic Rice

Organic Rice

Our premium-quality organic rice goes through a meticulous manufacturing process. Handpicked and locally grown by Chiang Rai's ‘Thammachad’ Farmers", ensuring best in class natural process.

Because our rice is planted in the highlands, 410 to 580 meters above sea level, our organic rice is confirmed to be non-toxic and it is uniquely soft and has a signature light refreshing fragrant.

‘A perfect rice to be enjoyed by the entire family.’

We offer the following premium selections:

  • Hom Mali Rice 105 (Jasmine Rice 105)
  • Hom Mali Rice 105 (Jasmine Rice 105)
  • Hom Mali Brown Rice 105 (Jasmine Brown Rice 105)
  • Riceberry Rice (Organic Black Cargo Rice)
  • Trio Rice (Organic Thai Cargo Mixed Rice)  
  • Sticky 8974 Rice

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